David & Brothers Graphics is an extension of Don’t Sleep Agency. We work to make sure artists have a place that they can come to get premium content at an affordable price. We understand how frustrating it can be for an artist in a world where everything is supposed to happen as fast as possible, a lot of the time a song or project will be fully recorded and edited and artists have to delay or push back releases because they have to spend extra time to have a cover art made that they feel can properly visually represent their music.


David & Brothers GFX is the #1 source for industry quality mixtape cover design, album cover design, EP cover design, Single cover design, and YouTube Banner design. We focus on pre-made cover art design and release a new set of covers, banners, and motion covers every month. All of our covers are compatible with Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music.


To create a platform where artists can get all types of promotional material and graphics all in one place with some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry and to deliver culturally relevant digital marketing assets at an affordable price, and with no effort.


Don’tSleep Agency is our digital agency arm for our business. We focus on digital marketing and digital strategy for creative brands.